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Our course development services

  • Learning management system (LMS)
  • E-Learning interactions
  • Role-play simulations
  • Smart digital quizzes and exams
  • Instructional videos
  • Interactive pages
  • Slide courses

Sample interactive courses.

Business courses

Basic rules of merchandising

Nutrition courses

Sample full interactive course

Sales & marketing courses

Sample training interaction

Medical courses

Sample practice exercise

Short explainer courses

Sample interactive manual

Freelance courses

Sample digitized self help course

Fire safety course

Sample full course

Culinary courses

Sample full course

Customer Care and Management

Sample full simulation course

Car sale scenario

Sample full simulation course

Application by industry

For schools, colleges and universities.

Engage your students by making your lectures interactive. We will enrich your courses with:

  • Engaging digital quizzes and activities from multiple-choice and matching to sequencing and drag-and-drop.
  • Branching scenarios and feedback slides to reinforce students’ knowledge and reassure them.
  • Interactive Hotspots, tabs, timelines, role-plays, and more!
For online bloggers, authors, podcasters, youtubers, and other social media trainners.

Micro learning

Deliver your online training program in bite-sized pieces to engage your audience/ learners and help them hit training goals faster.

Why go for micro-courses? These are short pieces of content that are super easy to digest and rich in value and benefits for learners.

You can always share a link to your micro-learning courses’ website with your social media followers. This way, they can get a smooth learning experience anywhere, on any device.

For organisations, companies, industries, businesses and other economic entities.

Let us design for you an online training platform in:

  • New hire onboarding
  • Compliance training
  • Product training
  • Sales training
  • Employee performance appraisal
  • Partner and customer training