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Dynamics of English PP1

English paper 1

A wonderful digital interaction for candidates preparing for English KCSE Exam Paper One: Functional Writing | Cloze Test | Oral Skills

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Functional writing samples (Social writing)

Full package contains:

Social writing | Personal writing | Study writing | Institutional writing | Public writing | General tips | Past KCSE questions

Cloze tests samples (2017 cloze test)

Full package contains:

Past KCSE digitized (auto-marked) cloze tests with immediate feedback from 2015 to 2022 | Cloze test tips and notes

Oral skills samples (Stress)

Full package contains:

Intonation | Stress | Debate | Interview | Speech | Discussion | Etiquette | Listening skills | Negotiation | Turn taking | Past KCSE Questions and answers

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