Web based instructional design samples presented to Mountaintop Publishers.

Grade 1 samples

Addition Basics

Grade 1 Content category

  • Mathematics activities: Numbers> Additions> Addition basics

Subtraction using pictures activity

Grade 1 Content category

  • Mathematics activities: Numbers> Subtraction using pictures activity.

Myself interactive course

Grade 1 Content category

  • English activities: Reading> Myself and body parts

Grade 1 English Digital Exam 1

Areas tested

  • Dictation
  • Naming pictures.
  • Writing words in capital letters.
  • Arranging letters to form the correct words.
  • Writing in plural.
  • Select ‘a’ or ‘an’.
  • Completing sentences.
  • Filling in missing letters

Grade 1 Maths Digital Worksheet 1

(Addition and subtraction worksheet)

Areas tested

  • Adding using pictures.
  • Subtracting using pictures.
  • Writing addition equations using pictures.
  • Writing subtraction equations using pictures
  • Adding numbers in columns.
  • Subtracting numbers in columns.

Grade 2 samples

Sample Grade 2 English Reading Activity

Sample Grade 2 Mathematics Interaction and Activity

Sample Grade 2 Hygiene Activity