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Sample digital interactions

Whole  Numbers

Skip counting | Skip counting activity | Counting backwards from 100 | Counting backwards activity | Place value up to 100 | Place values activity | Read and write numbers in words up to 50


Identify a half, a third and a quarter as part of whole | Identify fractions activity | Identifying numerator and denominator activity | Matching fractions with words activity | Writing fractions activity


Addition basics | Mental addition (no regrouping) activity | Mental addition (with regrouping) activity | Adding 2 digits in columns activity 


Subtraction basics | Subtracting single digit number from 2 digit number activity |Subtraction missing number activity | Subtracting in columns activity | Subtraction word problems activity


Multiplication basics | Multiplying with pictures activity | Multiplication tables activity | Missing factors activity | Multiplication word problems activity


Division basics | Dividing into groups activity | Dividing with pictures activity | Complete division sentences activity | Division into groups with sentences activity | Division word problems activities


Length | Length activity | Mass | Mass activity | Capacity | Capacity activity | Money | Money activity Shopping activity | Time | Time activity

Geometry Geometry | 2D Shapes activity 1 | 3D Shapes activity

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