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Video Based Learning

Videos are a highly effective tool to use in eLearning. They not only reduce cognitive load but also grab viewer attention and increase learner engagement. There are various reasons as to why eLearning videos make for a powerful learning experience for digital learners.

We design, create and modify e-learning videos to:

Compared to still graphics, text, or audio, videos offer higher recall and retention to a captive and attentive audience. Our videos offer a stickier learning experience on account of better retention and recall.

When learners read or hear about a new concept or idea, they often tend to mull over it and move on. Seeing that concept materialize through online training videos, especially with short-form microlearning, can give learners a pause for thought, which results in changes in how they think about what they’ve just learned.

Videos can be used for performance support intervention, as just-in-time learning aids or job aids that are available within the learners’ workflow. This helps learners use them precisely at the moment of their need.

Our video based learning services include:

We don’t view training as a one-time initiative. Our L&D teams consider utilizing online learning videos to foster a continuous learning journey for students—from understanding complex concepts to existing knowledge enhancement, and from review and refresher courses to new skills development.

We create video learning assets to support learning strategies, such as microlearning, point-of-need learning, how-to videos, tips and tricks, quick recall content, and just-in-time videos. Educators can then make use of these videos to ease the transition from in-person training to formal, remote learning programs.

“Learn by playing” is a great way to make learning fun—especially when dealing with boring subject matter, such as compliance or mandatory certification training. Through competitive learning, the gamified video learning experience also helps improve engagement, foster team building, and increase cooperation among cross-functional teams.

Short-form online training videos are more engaging than lengthy feature-length training content. These videos provide concise and targeted learning and serve well as point-of-need training and post-training support resources.

The use of scenario-based learning (SBL) and branching in videos helps deliver realistic learning experiences to the audience. Instructors can use videos to demonstrate real-life situations (work-related challenges) and showcase alternate ways to deal with them. They work as useful checkpoints to bridge learning gaps and provide a safe environment for learners to practice what they’ve just learned. Branching presents the learner with multidimensional problem-solving opportunities, allowing them to understand the consequences of alternating choices, decisions, and actions.

Rather than using videos as a stand-alone training tool, we make strategic use of online training videos, in concert with immersive learning approaches like gamification, scenario-based learning, and microlearning to deliver an augmented corporate learning experience.

Here are a few random samples of modified e-learning videos.